3CX iPhone / Android App will not ring

Verify that:

  1. Under Phone Provisioning → 3CX App, make sure “Enable PUSH for smartphones” is enabled.
  2. Under Forwarding Rules → Available, make sure “Accept Push Notifications” is checked.

Make sure that - if you want both your 3CX app on your computer AND your 3CX App on your Mobile Phone to ring at the same time: Under Forwarding and other status where you want to have simultaneous ring :

  1. Under the Phone Provisioning > Options - Tick the box for Ring my mobile simultaneously.

Make sure you did not put your entire iPhone in Do Not Disturb (a small half-moon icon will appear next to your battery indicator).


Q: I’m setting up access to 3CX for multiple companies. At least 2 have reported this issue that don’t have hard line phones at their desk.

One thing we have noticed is that the 3CX app doesn’t respond to call notifications until it is opened at least once.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Shutdown iPhone.
  2. Start iPhone.
  3. Lock iPhone.
  4. Call 3XC app - no ring alert.
  5. Windows Client will ring
  6. Open 3cx app on iPhone
  7. Close 3cx app using iOS task manager / app stitcher.
  8. Call 3CX app, rings.

I have reproduced this on our 3CX system and the clients both running latest releases.

I have ticket in with 3CX but they are telling me that they need logs from iPhone app but can’t reproduce it because they app isn’t open.

Any help??

3CX 18.0 (Build 461)
iOS is 3CX on the latest verison

A: This is iOS very old known behavior - we encountered it several years ago until one of our customers pointed to an article about this iOS behavior. It should also happen if you perform an iTunes device backup-restore. Technicaly, the iOS renew/change the device token.


Yes. Apple recommends app do not cache the device token but instead request it from iOS (and we comply with this) because is not guaranteed that token will be kept the same - therefore token might change. So, app is recommended to be opened

  • after device restored with iTunes
  • after reboot
  • after iOS update
    The reason is logical:
    the client registers for push to the PBX with the current token; device is rebooted and iOS changes its device token; since app is not running after reboot, it cannot register to the PBX with the new token; when an incoming call arrives, the PBX is trying to send the push notification using the old token, so it cannot reach the device, therefore client won’t ring; once you launch the app, it register to the PBX with the new token; exit/background the app or lock the device; the PBX will send the push using the proper token and the app will ring.


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