3CX Month: How to Blacklist Phone Numbers or IP Addresses

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Blacklisting Phone Numbers in 3CX

Blacklisting phone numbers can save you from persistent telemarketers or from anonymous robo-calls. No, you don’t have time for that survey!

You can either blacklist by phone number or by caller ID.

In the 3CX Management Console, go to Settings > Blacklisted Numbers and click “Add.”

There will be two fields to fill out: “Incoming caller ID to be blocked” and “Description.”

Under the first, enter the full phone number or caller ID that you want to block. Note that they must match precisely, including case: “jeremy” and “Jeremy” are considered to be different. (You can use an asterisk to cover both situations: “*eremy”.)

Make sure you pay attention to what information your phone service provider displays for you, because the information needs to be exact. For example, some providers display the country prefix (in the US, the “1” before a 10-digit phone number), while others don’t. If your provider does, you need to as well. The same precaution applies to blocking by caller ID: it must be exact, or it won’t work.

The “Description” field is simply for you to know why you blocked the number.

After you’ve filled the information in, click “Ok” and you’re good to go!

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