A Complete Guide To Using Binance.US as a Crypto-Only Exchange

In June 2023, we announced that Binance.US would transition to becoming a crypto-only exchange. We know navigating uncertainty can be challenging, so we’ve created this article to guide you on how to prepare for this transition and ensure you have the best possible crypto experience.

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What does Binance.US becoming a crypto-to-crypto exchange mean?

On June 13, 2023, Binance.US began its transition to a crypto-only exchange, which means we no longer accept USD deposits and will soon suspend USD withdrawals for the time being — until we are able to secure stable banking partners.

As a crypto-only exchange, Binance.US offers a more focused cryptocurrency trading experience with support for 150+ cryptocurrencies. You can still deposit, withdraw, convert, trade, and stake crypto, as well as continue to perform most actions you typically associate with a cryptocurrency exchange.

However, you will no longer be able to deposit or withdraw USD, buy crypto with USD, or sell crypto for USD directly on Binance.US. It’s important to note that you can still use other platforms or services to buy crypto with USD or cash out to USD, which we cover later in this guide.

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