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Add professional live graphics, right from your browser

by markiyan

After years of building live streaming products, and lots of feedback from our users, we’ve come to realize that even though most live events use graphic overlays, they’re often very difficult to set up and require additional hardware or software. So today, we’re addressing this need head-on. We’re excited to announce the addition of live graphics to our suite of live tools. Now, you can easily add images, animated text, and logos to your live events, straight from your browser, without the hassle of third-party tools.

Live graphics are the perfect tool for event producers at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to up your game, a pro who wants an easier way to set up basic graphic overlays, or an expert who already has a switcher, but doesn’t want to buy GFX software — live graphics can help anyone easily add professionalism to their live events.

How it works

Choose a type of graphic

  • Lower Third : A simple line of text to add context, with an optional image and secondary line. Lower third graphics can help provide your viewers with information about the current speaker on stage, or the topic being discussed in a panel.
  • Full Screen: An image you upload, with an optional line of text for more context. The image is displayed full-screen on top of your live event. These graphics are great for sharing company charts, delivering important messages, or adding visuals to sales trainings to keep your audience captivated (and awake).
  • Logo : A small, unobtrusive image to ensure your brand is top-of-mind throughout any live event.

Customize it

You can choose our existing theme (with more on the way), or customize the graphics to fit your brand by choosing font type, as well as primary and secondary colors.


Preview the graphics to make sure you’re happy with how they look. Once you’re satisfied, show them in your live stream with the click of a button.

You heard it here first.

Our latest features were made with you in mind.

Start uploading →

You can create as many graphics as you like, and switch between them during a live event, all from within your browser. Any branding you choose in the graphics tab will automatically be applied across all your other live tools. That means if you’re using live polls or live Q&A, everything will appear with one unified style. Or, if you’re streaming to social media platforms, the graphics will be visible to your audiences across Facebook, YouTube or any other custom destinations.

It’s easy to use our live graphics with your existing encoder, or simply hook up a webcam and start broadcasting with graphics right from your browser. And the best part, you don’t need to install any new software or buy any new hardware (save that money for a vacation, or better yet, a longer vacation).

Vimeo Premium members can access live graphics right now — simply create a new event and click the graphics tab in the left-hand menu. Everyone else can try it for free with our live demo.

We’re dedicated to helping you create professional live events as simply and intuitively as possible. Introducing live graphics is one more step toward that goal.

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