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Assign a Custom URL (domain)

Verify domain ownership

  1. Go to the Google Search Console and ADD A PROPERTY
  2. Add the root-level domain, sometimes called the naked domain, with http:// prefixed to it (e.g. your site cannot use this address but you need to verify ownership of this domain.
  3. Verify your domain (not your Google Site) using the DNS provider method. Google Search Console will give you a value to add as a TXT record to your DNS records

Add DNS Records to your domain

  1. While editing your DNS records add the other DNS records you will need:
  • Add a CNAME record of www (or the subdomain you want to use) that points to
  • If your domain provider lets you redirect your naked domain to the subdomain address (e.g. make redirect to then configure that
  • Alternatively add an A record of @ (or your naked domain) that points to (a free service from
  1. Once the root-level domain is verified (may take hours depending on how quickly your domain name provider updates its public DNS records) use the ADD A PROPERTY tool again to add the subdomain you want to use on your site again with https:// prefixed to it (e.g. https:// www This will verify automatically as you have verified the root-level domain

Assign the custom URL

  1. Go to edit your site and use the three-dot More button at the top right and choose Custom URL
  2. Add the URL you want to use, e.g. www and use the ASSIGN button
  3. Once assigned it takes Google a little time to configure everything for your site at the back-end (in our experience normally 30 minutes) and the site will appear at the custom URL (provided you have published the site).

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