Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2019

Want to know what the best dropshipping products to sell in 2019 will be? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The e-commerce industry is growing at an aggressive rate, making it even more important for online stores to find the best products that help keep you differentiated and ahead of the competition.

A new year is often accompanied by new trends and preferences. What sold like hot cakes in the previous year can suddenly experience a drop in demand in 2019.

But knowing what’s trending and what’s out of fashion doesn’t need to be guesswork. With data from Google Trends and a bit of research, you can discover the best dropshipping products to sell in 2019.

To save you time, we used the same methodology to find the top trending dropshipping products for 2019.

Whether you’re refilling the stock of your existing online store or launching a new one from scratch, these picks will help you generate revenue with minimum marketing spend.

Vape cartridge

Google Trends confirms that vaping is a growing trend, so it makes sense to dropship vape products and accessories.

Vape cartridges are one of the hottest items in this category. Buyers can either use them as an old-fashioned vaporizer or as an eVape pen. Some of them also contain pre-filled liquid of a certain flavor.

Whatever the case, there is certainly a growing community and a lifestyle element you can capitalize on to make sales in this rapidly evolving industry. Plus, there’s profit to be made as plenty of suppliers will dropship these for as little as $1.

Posture Corrector

Nowadays, a lot of individuals spend a major portion of their day working at their desks, studying or managing paperwork in a sedentary position.

That makes them look down instead of sitting in an upright position and look forward, which has a negative impact on their postures. Hence, there’s no better time to sell a posture corrector than now.

Google Trends’ data reveals that the demand for these items is on the rise. You can sell multiple varieties of these including posture correctors that keep the back straight, the ones that places balanced pressure on your trigger points, and more.

Stove Cover

Do you dislike removing spilt food particles and grease from a stove? Most people do, which is one of the main reasons why they’re taking out their credit cards for stove covers.

Google Trends too reveals a positive sentiment towards this item.

In addition to keeping the inside of a stove clean, stove covers are dishwasher safe and highly reusable. Whoever buys them won’t have to do any scrubbing. For storeowners, the best thing about this product is its portability.

The fact that stove covers are quite easy to ship makes them a great dropshipping product to add to your store, especially if you’re in the household goods niche.

Minimalist Jewelry

There’s a certain demographic that likes owning finer things in life. That’s why minimalist jewelry continues to see a steady rise in demand from around the world.

Becoming popular in the 90s, the first minimalist jewels had Yellow Gold as their color, so most of the production involved Yellow Gold rhodium plates.

Today, this sort of jewelry comes in three forms of gold: White, Red (rose), and Yellow. Each of them have distinct characteristics but follow the basic mantra of “less is more.”

You can promote minimalist jewelry by partnering with lifestyle influencers on Instagram. Hashtags like #minimalist may also help you to gain traction among the right audience.

WiFi Security Camera

Tech trends to be as wireless as it could be in this day and age, and the verdict applies to security monitors too.

No one likes to see a big wire passing their lawn, so an increasing interest in WiFi security cameras isn’t surprising.

Such devices are known to add comfort and convenience in people’s lives, especially when it comes to security. If you’re already promoting security cameras, you might want to include WiFi equipped models to stay up-to-date with the trends.

If you’re about to launch a new home appliances store, don’t be shy of considering this as your go-to item.

Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers made waves in early 2015 but there is still a hype that you can capitalize on to make sales online.

One way to beat your competitors to the punch is to source wireless chargers of a higher quality.

As most dropshipping entrepreneurs are selling Chinese knock offs, quality is a big concern for the buyer. High quality wireless chargers will enable users to charge their devices within minutes. Plus, they don’t look ugly.

Overall, the demand for wireless chargers is poised to grow now that Apple has officially integrated wireless charging capability in its newest line of iPhones.

Touchscreen Gloves

With winters set to break records, it’s a no brainer to predict that people will be looking for touchscreen gloves to provide safety to their numb, cold fingers.

Because traditional gloves don’t help much when it comes to interacting with a touchscreen, the demand for Touchscreen Gloves has grown.

Google Trends indicates it’s especially high between September and February.

These uniquely manufactured gloves allow people to use their phones without exposing their bare hands to fierce winds.

You can promote these through an unboxing or demonstration video on YouTube. Make one yourself or hire an influencer for the job.

Makeup Travel Bags

These are a must-sell product for storeowners across the world, especially when it’s winter.

The idea behind makeup travel bags is simple – people make a ton of plans for travel and adventure, and most of them take some time to pull off.

During those long journeys, makeup travel bags protect makeup, beauty and health products from the wet weather while withstanding the bumps and knocks of continuous travel.

And, if you search them up on Google Trends, you’ll see that people want to get their hands on them. Makeup travel bags can be marketed with the help of makeup and fashion bloggers from different social media platforms.

Waterproof Pants

For those who love backpacking and traveling to the great outdoors, waterproof pants are more of a necessity than an option.

Google Trends shows that people worldwide are searching for this item. Whether your niche is skiing, camping, backpacking or hiking, these products will make a great addition to your store.

Marketing waterproof pants should also be easier than marketing other dropshipping items. You can send a free sample or two to an Instagrammer and ask them to give your store a shout out to get things off the ground.

Start Selling the Best Dropshipping Products Today!

While there are plenty of items to choose from, focus on one that you can easily promote as a jump off point.

Do it today rather than later, and experiment with additional products as you move forward.

With Modalyst, you can add top trending dropshipping products in a matter of minutes and accept orders right anyway. If you need help or want to ask a question, get in touch with our support staff. We’re friendly and approachable.

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