Brave Browser: Deviations from Chromium (features we disable or remove)

NOTE: this page is a work in progress! It should by no means be considered a “final” or exhaustive list of things we have removed.

Brave for desktop is built on top of the open-source Chromium project. We add features on top of what is already there and we also remove features or pieces of the code. These deviations we make that touch the core Chromium code are done via patching.

Chromium is not the same as Google Chrome. For some differences, see Chromium Docs - The Difference between Google Chrome and Chromium on Linux.

How it works

If you wanted to do an audit of the code, you would start with the brave-browser repository. Our wiki has instructions about what steps need to be done to perform a build after cloning the source

Chromium source is fetched

The gclient utility (part of depot tools) will fetch the official Chromium source code. The tag that is fetched is captured in our package.json (for example, 70.0.3538.35 ). All of the source code will be downloaded into the ./src/ folder

Brave code is fetched

As part of the setup process, we also fetch our own code. The brave-core repository has the code that makes the browser Brave. The branch that should be checked out is also contained in that package.json. There is also a DEPS file in brave-core that pulls in sub-dependencies (such as the brave-extension )

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