CameraRC Deluxe a FREE alternative to Camera Control Pro

Main Features of CameraRC Deluxe

  • Mac and Windows Support
    Native installation for both Windows and Mac.

  • Large Variety of Interface Styles
    Over a dozen different Interface Styles from which to select.

  • Show Me How Guided Directions and Video Tutorials
    CameraRC Deluxe features a unique Show Me How capability to help learn how to use the program along with Video Tutorials.

  • Dockable Option Windows
    Keep the controls you need close at hand while hiding those that are not in use.

  • Onion Skin, Mask, and Grid Composition Aids
    Create Image Masks and Onion Skins to use when composing images in Live View.

  • Light Table
    Compare multiple images side by side on the Light Table.

  • Movie Recording & Saving
    Record movies directly from the computer and save the results to your hard drive.

  • Voice Command & Control
    CameraRC Deluxe supports Voice Commands for common camera control operations.

  • Virtual Horizon
    Display a Virtual Horizon on the live view image.

  • Advanced Bracketing
    Full control for Standard Bracketing plus added control with our Extended Bracketing Feature.

  • Flexible File Naming
    Create file names and paths that include your camera model plus date and time.

  • Custom Bracketing
    Create Custom Brackets using any combination of Shutter Speed, Aperture, or ISO – Span EV ranges of 16 EV and more.

  • Focus Stack Capture
    Use Image Focus Stacks to achieve greater depth of focus.

  • Save & Restore Shooting Sessions
    Easily save and restore camera settings to files on your computer for future shooting sessions.

  • Automatic Image Saving & Backup
    Create file names and paths that include your camera model plus date and time – automatically save your images on capture to the computer.

  • Quick Control Finder
    The CameraRC Deluxe Control Finder will help you navigate your way through the many Camera Controls.

  • Easy Text and Date Entry
    Changing the copyright, comments, or date is fast and simple using CameraRC Deluxe.

  • Interval Shooting
    CameraRC Deluxe has 4 different Interval Shooting Modes to suit most any situation.

  • Custom Picture Control Wizard
    Easily create and name Custom Picture Controls with our simple to use wizard.

  • White Balance Preset Wizard
    The CameraRC Deluxe White Balance Wizard will take you step by step through creating a White Balance Preset.

  • Image Histogram
    CameraRC Deluxe can display the histogram for both captured images and Live View.

  • Floating Live View Window
    Live View features an independent floating window with all the controls needed to compose and capture your images.

  • Multiple Monitor Support
    Use multiple monitors to run live view while displaying captured images on a separate monitor.

  • Send-To Processing Program
    Automatically send captured images to a separate program for printing or editing.