Case study: Ministry of Health offers patients remote therapy with 3CX | April 2020 COVID-19 Communictaions

LONDON, UK, 22ND APRIL 20203CX, developer of the award-winning business communications solution, is pleased to announce the successful deployment of its software and free 3-year license at the Mental Health Services Department of the Ministry of Health in Cyprus.

In offering the treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders and drug addiction, as well as therapy services for the development of good overall mental health, the MHS strives to provide high quality health care cover for patients throughout the island.

With the government lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak, the MHS needed a solution that would enable healthcare professionals to communicate with and provide therapy and counselling to patients remotely. In addition to the continuation of normal services, the department was also due to begin a Covid-19 program that would see them offering mental health assistance to patients who were quarantined.

3CX’s Free 3 Year License Provides Quick, Easy & Affordable Solution

In working with 3CX Partner Virtual IT, the MHS department was able to have their new remote therapy service up and running in just 4 hours. The new system was deployed in Google Cloud and with 3CX’s smartphone apps and web client, therapists were able to connect and start working immediately with no need for any setup. Furthermore, for a more cost-effective solution, the MHS claimed 3CX’s free Covid-19 offer, which waives all license fees for businesses for 3 years.

Successfully Providing Remote Therapy with 3CX

With little to no training, therapists have been able to adapt to remote working and successfully assist patients from home. Since its inception, the project has proven to be a huge success and has since expanded to offer services to any Cypriot citizen in need of mental health support during the lockdown.

Chief Clinical Psychologist, and Head of the Special Psychologist’s Department of the MHS, Dr. Kyriakos Platrites commented:

“The project has been very successful and 3CX is very easy to use. We are able to manage the large volume of requests by offering counseling and therapy online. By using 3CX’s web meeting features our mental health professionals are able to assess the mental health situation of the patient and provide the appropriate counseling/therapy required. Just as if their patients were in front of them.”

The Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Kyriacos Kokkinos added:

“The Covid-19 outbreak led to an unprecedented need for digital solutions to facilitate communication, remote working, e-learning, and even telehealth services. Digital tools play a key role in keeping society and economy operational as physical spaces are closed or restricted. Linking people affected by Covid-19 that are in need of professional psychological support services, whether in quarantine or just isolated at home, is key in coping with this difficult crisis situation. 3CX has been a great facilitator and supporter through the free provision of its proven communication and collaboration platform. We express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to 3CX for its valuable contribution to the Government’s efforts to best manage this truly dire situation.”