Configuring a Time Warner | Cox Communications Arris panoramic tg1682 router (Disable SIP ALG)

To Disable SIP ALG and Enter DNS Server Configuration:

  1. Login to the router by navigating to the IP address of the Default Gateway.
  2. Go to Firewall > ALG.
  3. Disable SIP ALG (uncheck the box).
  4. Allow ICMP Ping (check the box).
  5. Go to LAN Setup > DNS Override (check the box).
  6. Enter the following required information:
  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:
  1. Disable DNS Relay (uncheck the box).
  2. Reboot all devices including the router. To clear out the DNS cache, run the following command from the command line: ipconfig /flushdns

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