Content Curation & SEO: Do’s and Don’ts

Content Curation SEO Dos and Don'ts

Content curation is the practice of finding, organizing, annotating and sharing the best and most relevant third-party content for your audience. There’s no doubt curation has become an integral part of today’s content marketing. The number of concerns surrounding the practice however, have created doubt in the minds of some content marketers before they understand the benefits of curation done right.

Curation Pros and Con(cern)s

Pros: Content curation allows marketers to publish fresh, relevant content at a higher volume than a 100 percent content creation strategy allows. The variety of insights content marketers can publish offers readers more diverse perspectives from their peers and other third-party sources. This makes your content more credible by positioning your organization as an objective, go-to resource. Not to mention it saves marketers time and money, and avoids burning out staff.

Concerns: Some marketers may be concerned that content curation means duplicate content, which may hurt search engine optimization (SEO). If content is duplicated, it would compete for search rankings. There’s also concern regarding whether content curation involves too much outbound linking, sending readers away from your site. When done right, however, outbound links and curated content can actually improve SEO.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for effective content curation SEO.

Content Curation SEO Do’s:

Do: Curate for your audience, not for search engine bots

A great marketer knows to always keep your target audience top of mind. Always. If people like your content, they will link back to you as an industry resource, helping your search engine ranking in the process. It’s far more effective than trying to game the system. As Google’s Matt Cutts says, “Good quality trumps SEO.”

Do: Be selective about your content

Make sure it consistently provides the most value possible for readers. Content you curate should be highly relevant to your topic, provide more perspectives for your audience, and be annotated with your own insights and opinions in order to increase its value. Share curated content on multiple channels (newsletters, social media, blogs, etc.) to ensure it reaches a wide audience and gains as much exposure as possible. The more popular your content is, the more likely it’ll show up in search results.

Do: Add your feeds to Google Blog Search index

If you submit your RSS feeds to Google Blog Search, Google will consider you a more credible source of information and know when you update content. Most importantly, Google will consider you as a dynamic “blog” source, rather than just a static website. This means they’ll re-crawl more often and your rankings will improve. In addition, you will not only show up in Google Search results, but Google Blog Search as well.

To do this, head over to How to Get Information on Google | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers

Choose your content program:


Add your URL:


And submit your content to be indexed.

Do: Post your curated content to Google+ with backlinks

Contrary to popular belief, Google does not factor in shares on social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to their search algorithms, because they don’t have licenses to that data. On the other hand, Google does consider activity on their own social media channel, Google+, when determining ranking status.

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