Discourse 2.0 released!

Discourse 2.0 on May 31st, building on Discourse 1.9 from January.
New Admin Dashboard

We’ve completely redesigned the admin dashboard to show off your most relevant and essential community health metrics right at the top, as well as trending searches.

Shared Drafts

Staff can designate a category for shared drafts, and pre-compose topics that only other staff can see for review prior to posting. After posting, all logged edits are removed so the history is clean, and the timestamp is reset, too.

Reply mode toggle

While composing a reply, you can now click or tap the reply arrow to quickly toggle between replying as a new topic, replying to the overall topic, replying to an individual post, replying as a personal message, or even replying as a staff whisper.

Two Factor Authentication

We’re proud to now offer fully integrated Two Factor Authentication as a standard Discourse feature! Enable it in your user preferences, and take advantage of the free Android or iOS authenticator apps on your smartphone for enhanced account security.

Login via Email Link

To make logging in a little more convenient for your community, you can enable logging in via an emailed link in your site settings.

Local Dates

Coordinating meetings or events in Discourse is now easier — insert a local date that will automatically appear localized to the reader’s correct time zone, so nobody gets confused about when to show up.

More info - Read the blog by way of the link at the top of this post.