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Founded in 2012 by one of the primary authors of the DMARC specification, dmarcian is dedicated to upgrading the entire world’s email by making DMARC accessible to all. dmarcian brings together thousands of senders, vendors, and operators in a common effort to build DMARC into the email ecosystem. Our customers range from banks and top internet properties to governments, marketing agencies, telecoms, nonprofits and commercial enterprises of all sizes.

Your email is a key factor in your online identity. Not only does email connect workers, partners and customers together, it is part of your brand and represents your organization to the outside world. Email is an important resource that needs to be safeguarded and secured. At dmarcian, we see email security and authentication as cornerstones of the Internet. We believe email is worth fixing.

dmarcian ‘s purpose is to spread DMARC far and wide by increasing accessibility, advocacy, and thought leadership. We achieve this by focusing on the people doing the work and helping them make the world of email and the greater world a better place for all.

DKIM is a free technology that is used to link a piece of email back to a domain. When an email is sent, it is signed using a private domain key and then validated on the receiving mail server (or ISP) using a public key that is located within the DNS. This action authenticates that the content of the email was not modified during its transfer. It prevents someone from intercepting your email, altering it, then sending it along with altered information.
DKIM signatures can survive forwarding, which makes it superior to SPF and a great way to secure your email.

Together when monitored on a domain, SPF and DKIM are how dmarcian can tell you what’s happening and how to add specific DMARC policies based on this feedback. You can always verify if an email message has been properly signed with DKIM or is passing SPF by simply checking the message headers within the code.

dmarcian offers diagnostic tools to inspect and validate DKIM records.

DKIM creates a link between email and a domain, and is one of the two ways DMARC uses to identify email. Learn about DKIM and how it works in this easy to follow overview. Transcript:… Part of the library.

DMARC, ( D omain-based M essage A uthentication R eporting, & C onformance) an open source standard, uses a concept called alignment to tie the result of two other open source standards, SPF (a published list of servers that are authorized to send email on behalf of a domain) and DKIM (a tamper-evident domain seal associated with a piece of email), to the content of an email. If not already deployed, putting a DMARC record into place for your domain will give you feedback that will allow you to troubleshoot your SPF and DKIM configurations if needed.

Adopting DMARC involves creating a DMARC record, publishing it, and using the information that is generated to gain insight and control over the way your domains are handling email. DMARC helps legitimize your email by doing two things:

  • Gives feedback about the email itself, including information about SPF and/or DKIM alignment.
  • Tells email receivers (like Gmail and Yahoo) how to handle messages that fail to align with those protocols.

dmarcian can assist your organization in every step of the way, from deploying the underlying technologies of DMARC, to making sense of the data that it generates, to gaining full insight and control to the way your email domains are being used.

The DMARC Inspector is a diagnostic tool that parses and presents a view of DMARC records for any domain.

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