Do not use Wells Fargo for your Business Accounts as of 02/2024

WellsFargo closed two of our business accounts for misleading letters sent in regards to updating our business address.

When I spoke to them they admitted it was the fault of their dialog within the letter.

Nothing stated to call them, just update your address online.

Calling them after the fact she stated you have to call them to make that change.

This was the 1st business account, on the phone - I confirmed the 2nd business account was OK.

Then they closed the 2nd one 2 weeks later AFTER I confirmed all was good.

Once they close it, there is nothing they can do.

We have had Wells Fargo for 20+ years and this is how we were treated, we also have two mortgages.

NEVER Again will we do business with Well Fargo for our company - it is shameful, and even after we called them they still closed the 2nd account with NO Notification!

The two business banking services (Technology Banking Stacks) we do recommend are and - they are both outstanding online banks and we have been with both of them for years.

Wells Fargo is horrible for a Business Bank, think twice before opening an account with them for your Business.

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