Fix 'Windows Can't Find A System Image on This Computer' Error

Fix 'Windows Cannot Find A System Image on This Computer' Error – EaseUS.


This article mainly tells about how to perform a system restore when Windows can’t find a system image on your computer. If your computer warns you that ‘Windows cannot find a system image on this computer. Attach the backup hard disk or insert the final DVD from a backup set and click Retry…’, don’t worry and just follow solutions in the below to fix this error and restore your Windows system from system image backup with ease now.

Windows cannot find a system image on this computer

I can’t run a system image restore on my computer with Windows 10. The system tells that it can’t find a system image on my computer and I need to attach the backup hard disk or insert the final DVD from a backup set.
The problem is that the system image backup is stored on the computer hard drive. I didn’t save the system image to an external storage device. Is there a way that can help me resolve this issue and perform a system restore on my computer? How?

In most cases, when the computer asks you to find the system image location and retry the system restore process, you’ll still get the same result. Windows still can’t find the system image. So how to fix and get out of this error? If you are having a similar issue on your PC, just follow two ways provided in the below and apply those methods to repair and fix ‘Windows can’t find system image’ issue and perform the system restore with ease now:

Fix “Windows Can’t Find System Image on This Computer” Error

Here in this part, you’ll find two ways of fixing ‘Windows can’t find system image on this computer’ error. And you can follow either way and apply provided methods to remove this error and perform Windows system image restore on your PC without any problems now:

Way 1. Manually fix Windows system restore error - Windows can’t find a system image

Step 1. Change System Image Folder as ‘WindowsImageBackup’
The system image must be named as WindowsImageBackup so to lead Windows to find a system image on the computer. So if your system image is set as this name, change and correct it now.

Step 2. Put ‘WindowsImageBackup’ folder in the Root Directory of a Drive

The system image folder must be put at the top level of your hard drive on the computer. Otherwise, Windows system recover won’t get success since the system image can’t be found. Check to find out where you are placing your system image in the right directory on your computer drive. If not, change the folder to the right place now.

Step 3. Don’t change the sub-folder name
Step 4. Don’t add any folders in ‘WindowsImageBackup’ folder

Make sure not add any other folder in the WindowsImageBackup folder.

Step 5. Make sure mediaID.bin file is saved together with your system image
No matter where did you keep your system image, on a USB drive or an external hard drive, do remember to copy the mediaID.bin file together with your system image folder files.

After following all above steps, checking all system files and folders are placed at the right location on your computer hard drive or external storage with no extra added files or folders, you can retry again to perform Windows system image recover on your computer.

If you succeed, congratulation! You can use your computer and continue your jobs and enjoy fascinate network life again.
If you failed, don’t worry. Way 2, an alternative tool for Windows system recovery can directly help you resolve ‘Windows can’t find a system image’ error.

Fix 'Windows Cannot Find A System Image on This Computer' Error – EaseUS.


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