Helium App 3.4.0 Now Available New Features 07/14/2021

Helium App 3.4.0 Now Available New Features 3.4.0 Includes a small facelift to our Wallet and Hotspot tabs! Hotspot Tab

  • We have introduced a new shortcut navigation menu that allows you to quickly swipe through all the Hotspots you own and follow Wallet Tab
  • Updated UI layout on Wallet tab with new send and receive icons, easier QR code discoverability, and a filter for transaction types
  • If you’ve staked Validators, we now show the staked amount Improvements
  • Improve how we calculate a Hotspot’s sync status by using the last gossiped timestamp to API instead of gossiped block through the p2p network * Inform users that Discovery Mode results may be inconsistent
  • Update hexagon colors for accessibility Bug Fixes
  • When asserting a location, check that the location actually changed
  • Fix a bug when scanning QR code for payments with varying formats
  • Fix a bug with the default email address when sharing from Diagnostic Reports Known Issue
  • Hotspot Checklist > Sync Status is showing incorrect data. We’ll be fixing this in 3.4.1. App Version 3.4.0 | Helium Documentation

**Finally, a quick note on Hotspot sync and what changed:
** explorer.helium.com and App version 3.4.0 now take the status -> timestamp field from the API and looks up the block at that time in v1/blocks. This is the time the Hotspot last gossiped its peerbook. If this block is within 1500 of the tip, we consider it synced because there is still some time lag. Nothing is exact unless you pair with the Hotspot and run diagnostics. While this method is still a best effort estimation, it is more accurate than what was used before.
The core developers are looking at adding better ways to infer sync status in the coming days.