Helium Mobile is Coming Soon - Use Case is amazing! 07/11/2023

Helium Mobile is Coming Soon

Curated Tweet from Amir Haleem - the founding member of Helium and the Helium Network


what’s so important about


BUILD? I’ll explain when we launched


the point was to create a ubiquitous IOT network with radically improved economics vs a traditional telco. this worked. you can send a message from a sensor for $0.00001 with no contracts or commitment required with Helium Mobile we’re committed to being (by far) the cheapest unlimited phone service in the US. how? firstly, we partnered with


to make sure that Helium Mobile subscribers always have nationwide coverage. when HM subscribers are close to


Hotspots, they’ll seamlessly use the Helium network instead of TMO secondly, by acquiring subscribers city by city with targeted digital marketing and city takeovers, and making subscriber usage data available to the


community. we will also use MOBILE tokens to increase rewards in locations that we think are the most valuable and have the largest number of subscribers why does this matter? because 5G Hotspot deployers on


will now have precise info on where to place coverage, and with a high probability of getting paid by real customers. the more customers that use Helium, the more we can bring costs down for subscribers no traditional model can match these economics. I’m ridiculously excited about this vision and being able to make it a reality with the




communities. we will be announcing the new pricing and a lot more very soon !