Here's how to squash Google's invasive update app on Mac

There are a lot of great things Google has brought to the table over the years, including Search, Maps, and the Google Pixel smartphone (its cameras, anyway). Unfortunately, it’s also an apex predator often accused of mining and collecting personal data in questionable ways.

A case in point is the file that gets installed on Macs in the presence of Google apps such as Chrome and Google Earth.

First discovered by Wired a decade ago , the pesky file runs in the background and supports software patching and updating. Unfortunately, it also grabs your computer’s hardware information, usage frequency, the number of active profiles on your computer, and more.

Curator’s Note:

I noticed that Chrome has some issues on my MacBook Pro, I removed reinstalled and stil lhad some issues, then this Google Updater would start showing as a stalled, stuck app on boot. For the past year, my Mac Book Pro would randomly reboot. So I followed this process of removal as noted within the above banner link. I know wonder if I am still going to have random reboots. Will update this if I do!

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