How to configure a domain connected computer to be enrolled in Microsoft company portal

Q: How to configure a domain connected computer to be enrolled in Microsoft company portal

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A: To enroll a domain-connected computer in the Microsoft Company Portal, you’ll typically need to set up Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly known as Microsoft Intune) within your organization’s Azure AD tenant. Once enrolled, you can manage devices through policies and configurations deployed via Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Here’s a general outline of the process:


  1. Azure AD Premium subscription or Microsoft 365 subscription: Ensure you have the appropriate subscription that includes Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  2. Global Administrator or Intune Service Administrator privileges: You’ll need permissions to set up and manage Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


  1. Set up Microsoft Endpoint Manager:
  • Log in to the Azure portal ( with your administrator account.
  • Navigate to “Microsoft Endpoint Manager” or “Intune” service.
  • Follow the setup wizard to configure Microsoft Endpoint Manager for your organization. This involves granting necessary permissions, configuring settings, and linking to your Azure AD tenant.
  1. Configure Enrollment Settings:
  • In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager console, navigate to “Devices” > “Enrollment restrictions.”
  • Define enrollment restrictions to control which devices can enroll in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. You can specify criteria such as device type, ownership, and platform.
  1. Set up Automatic Enrollment:
  • If you want domain-connected computers to automatically enroll in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you can configure Automatic Enrollment policies.
  • Navigate to “Devices” > “Enrollment” > “Windows enrollment” > “Automatic enrollment.”
  • Configure Automatic Enrollment settings for Windows devices, including Hybrid Azure AD Join if needed.
  1. Enroll the Domain-Connected Computer:
  • On the domain-connected computer, open a web browser and navigate to
  • Sign in with the credentials of a user account that has been granted permissions to enroll devices.
  • Follow the prompts to enroll the computer in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • The device will be registered in the Azure AD tenant and appear in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager console.
  1. Deploy Company Portal:
  • In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager console, navigate to “Apps” > “All apps.”
  • Search for “Company Portal” and select it.
  • Click on “Assignments” to assign the Company Portal app to users or devices.
  • Configure deployment settings as needed.
  1. Install Company Portal on Domain-Connected Computer:
  • Once the Company Portal is deployed, users can install it from the Microsoft Store or through other deployment methods if required.
  1. Device Management:
  • After installation, users can launch the Company Portal on their domain-connected computer to access organization resources, view compliance status, and install company-approved apps.

By following these steps, you can enroll domain-connected computers in the Microsoft Company Portal and manage them efficiently through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Adjustments may be needed based on your organization’s specific requirements and configurations.

If you have already setup EndPoint Manager (InTune) follow the above steps