How to connect using WiFi-WAN in new locations

WiFi-WAN is a feature found on many Pepwave MAX devices that lets the router connect to an external public or private wifi network for internet access. It is often used when in campsites and office buildings when wifi networks are available to save on cellular costs.

This article looks at how to connect to new WiFi networks.

Making a Shortcut

If you will be moving to new locations and connecting to new WiFi networks a lot, one way to make this quicker and easier to do is to add a browser shortcut to your phone, tablet or laptop, so that you are ready to login to your Peplink and scan for new networks.

To make a shortcut we will walk through the following steps.

  1. Connect to your Peplink router’s wi-fi as normal.
  2. Find your router’s gateway IP.
  3. Log into your device, disable wi-fi wan healthcheck and save a shortcut to your Home Screen or Desktop.
  4. Use the shortcut to easily log into the router to scan for new networks and add new wi-fi access points passwords.

Find your Peplink Device’s gateway IP

Android devices

Navigate to Settings>About Phone>Status , in the below example we see the phone IP is , if we change the last octet (in this case .11) to .1 that is the router’s address, ie

Wifi as a WAN or WAN port License is required