How to Find Your QNAP NAS | ITEnterpriser

When you purchase a new QNAP NAS, the first step is connecting it to, and finding it on, the local network. Once found, you can then begin setting it up. Here’s how to find your QNAP NAS.

How to Find Your QNAP NAS with Qfinder Pro

QNAP makes finding your NAS extremely simple with Qfinder Pro, a utility that locates each QNAP NAS that’s connected to your local network. This isn’t the only means of locating and accessing your QNAP NAS–you can find the NAS’s IP address and enter it in the address bar–but it is the quickest and easiest. Especially for first time setup, since you won’t have the IP address readily available.

Go to QNAP’s official website and download Qfinder Pro, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

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