How to Install Comodo WAF on cPanel

What is Comodo WAF?

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Comodo WAF is a Mod_Security rule set created by the Comodo Team. It provides real-time protection for web apps running on the three most common Web Servers (Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed).

CWAF integrates perfectly with ModSecurity rules and provides a full suite for web app security and intrusion protection.

Some of its features:

Protects sensitive data from your customers, like login and password protected areas.
Can help to meet PCI compliance requirements easily.
Prevent SQL injection
Prevent XSS Attacks (Cross Site Scripting)
Protects against Brute Force Attacks on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others.
Rules are categorized, and you can choose to run only the ones you need.
Frequent Updates of its core and main database rules.
It’s free!
Comodo WAF Requirements
This is Comodo WAF requirements for cPanel servers.

Apache v.2.2 / 2.4.x (Nginx or LiteSpeed too)
10 MB of free disk space for ModSec RuleSet
ModSecurity Installed (you can install by reading this tutorial: ModSecurity cPanel)

For step by step instructions to install:

See technote on

After following this guide, the task of installing Comodo WAF on cPanel should be pretty much easy with our step by step tutorial.

Comodo WAF brings one of the best mod-security rulesets we’ve ever seen. It has a very low false positive report and includes a very good way to customize rules, as well as activating and deactivating the rules per domain or globally.

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