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Managing SSH Keys With WHM

To manage SSH keys, follow this guide as it will show you how to add, import and manage them with your server. SSH keys will be divided into two types: public and private.

Step 1: Log in to your WHM account

Step 2: Click on the Security Center button

WHM Security Center Icon Location Image

Step 3: Click on Manage root’s SSH Keys button

WHM Manage SSH roots key location image

You can equally search for security center in the WHM search box in the top-left, and then click on Manage root’s SSH Keys under the available options within the column

How Do I Generate A New SSH Key?

This section will show you how to generate a new key, public or private.

Step 1 : Click the Generate New Key button

WHM Generate New SSH Key Button Location Image

Step 2: Create a unique key name in the Key Name text box

Step 3: Enter a password for the key name if you wish

  • 3a : Confirm password, if necessary
  • 3b: You can use the Password Generator to generate a random password

Step 4: Pick your preferred Key Type

  • RSA – Faster verification times
  • DSA – Faster generation and signing times

Step 5: Select your preferred Key Size

Higher the size, the better the security, but the slower the authentication speed

Step 6: Click the Generate Key button

Showing the Manage root’s SSH Keys form in WHM

How Do I Import An SSH Key?

Step 1: Click the Import Key button

Import SSH Key Location Image

Step 2: Create a custom key name in the first text box

a. When you create a custom key name, the SSH key must be specified when you log in to the server b. To be specific you’ll need to run the following command:

ssh user@example -i /root/.ssh/key_name

Step 3: Enter the Private key passphrase in the text box if you’re using a PPK (PuTTY Key Generator) file

Step 4: Paste the Private key into the box

Step 5: Paste the Public key into the box

Step 6: Click the Import button

Showing the Manage root’s SSH Keys Import key form in WHM

How Do I Manage The Keys?

You can manage the keys you create and import through the Public and Private Keys tables at the bottom of the Manage root’s SSH Keys section. You can perform the following actions: Delete Key, View/Download Key and Manage Authorization.

Showing the Manage roots SSH Key form 2 in WHM

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