How to print to PDF in Windows or Add the feature

Printing to PDF can be a great way to save a document on your computer, especially if you don’t have immediate access to a printer. If you have Windows, then you know the process has not always been seamless. Now, with Windows 10, print to PDF should be one of your default functions on your computer, making it easily accessible.

Here is our comprehensive rundown of how to print to PDF in Windows. We also have other helpful guides, including how to password-protect a PDF, convert a PDF to Excel, and combine PDF files.

Using native tools in Windows 10: Microsoft Print to PDF

Step 1: Go to print your document as you normally would, and select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer.

Step 2: You’ll be asked where you’d like to save the file. Choose the location and a name, and click OK or Save. After a few seconds, you’ll have a brand new PDF.

If, for whatever reason, Microsoft Print to PDF isn’t listed as an option, don’t worry: It’s easy to set up.