Effectively Using Dual-SIM Modems

Use this article to understand the use cases for, and how to locate, the SIM cards in Cradlepoint endpoints equipped with dual-SIM modems. Click Identify Cradlepoint Products to identify your router and determine if it is dual-SIM capable.

Use Cases/Information

The following lists contain information about the capabilities of dual-SIM modems used in Cradlepoint endpoints.

Use Case

The recommended use case for dual-SIM modems is to help in managing your data-plan caps. If one SIM in a dual-SIM modem reaches its data-plan cap, the endpoint fails over to the second SIM.

Cradlepoint modems that support dual-SIM cards have the following characteristics.

  • These modems contain one radio with the ability to communicate with its two SIM cards.
  • Each SIM card is treated as a separate device by the modem. This allows only one SIM card to connect at the same time.
  • Each SIM can have its own configuration attached to the slot it’s installed.
  • When failing over to the secondary SIM, the modem reconfigures it’s APN settings. Due to the time required for APN reconfiguration, it’s a much faster to fail over to a second modem vs. a second SIM.
  • If only using one SIM, we recommend using the first slot because it’s powered on first.