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Custom Settings

For faster AF-area mode selection, you can:

  • Assign specific AF-area modes to buttons using Custom Setting f1 (see this section): If you assign 72-point dynamic-area AF to the Pv button and group-area AF to the lens focus function buttons, for example, and then select 25-point dynamic-area AF with the AF-mode button and sub-command dial, you can keep the Pv button pressed to take pictures with 72-point dynamic-area AF, keep a lens focus function button pressed to take pictures with group-area AF, or release both buttons to take pictures with 25-point dynamic-area AF.

  • Match AF-area mode to camera orientation using Custom Setting a7 (see this section): Select Focus point and AF-area mode to link AF-area mode selection to camera orientation.

  • Restrict AF-area mode selection using Custom Setting a9 (see this section).

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