Install ionCube loader on cPanel Server

What is IonCube loader:

IonCube is php extensions that encode and secure the PHP encoded files at runtime. IonCube loader is utility to handles the execution and reading encoded file at run time. IonCube loader is encrypted or decrypts files that help to speeding up the pages that are served. IonCube Loader is available on the web server. PHP can easily use this loader by simply adding a line to a PHP configuration file that is php.ini . A wizard will be opened to install this loader with manually instructions. IonCube loader is commonly used by running client management system like WHMCS for encode and secure files. It is a utility for PHP applications.

Different versions are available for 32bit operating system and 64 bit operating system so install the right one according to your system. Check whether ionCube loader is installed or not on the server when you start to install. You can check the availability of ionCube loader by two methods that are given

Method 1:

You can check it by using the script



/scripts/phpextensionmgr list

/scripts/phpextensionmgr status ioncubeloader

Method 2:

You can check it by using second method

“php-v commands”


#php-v | grep –i ionCube

With the ionCube PHP Loader v4.4.1, copyright (c) 2002-2013, by ionCube Ltd.,

Method 3:

You can also check it by using function that is

phpinfo(); “

Create a page phpinfo.php and check it from browser.

<? Phpinfo(); ?>

Steps to install ionCube Loader on cPanel Server:

If you install ionCube to use a script for your website then you use its scripts on Apache/PHP installation. Want to need to access the script within WHM/cPanel/ or webmail then you have to install ionCube on cPanel/WHM.

You can install the ionCube Loader from both method GUI and CLI

Installing ionCube Loader by WHM:

i. first login to WHM by using your server IP for ex.

ii. Then click on Tweak Setting .

iii. After that click on PHP Tag.

iv. And then find the configuration option name “ cPanel PHP Loader ” and click on the ionCube Loader.

v. Then select Save Button.

Installing ionCube Loader by CLI:

i. Login into shell [like root user].

ii. Write commands Edit/etc/cPanel/cPanel.config and search the line with phploader=. If there is no value after equals to sign than simply adding the ionCube Loader to it and if there is any other loader than you can place the ionCube Loader by using comma (,) after first loader .

iii. After that run the given commands / usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2-updatetweaksetting.

iv. Then type next commands /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkphpini .

v. Execute commands to install / usr/local/cpanel/bin/install_php_inis .

Steps to install ionCube Loader for PHP/Apache:

Installing ionCube Loader by WHM :

i. Login into WHM [like root user].

ii. Then select “ EasyApache link ” place at left hand side.

iii. Select the “ previous saved Config ” and then Check on “ Start customizing based on profile ” button.

iv. Select Next step Button below “ Apache Version ”.

v. Then select Next step Button below “ PHP Version ”.

vi. Click the “ IonCube Loader for PHP ” optionbelow the “Short Option List”and then select the Save and Build Button.

IonCube Loader installing via CLI version of PHPExtensionManager:

This one is simple and fastest method; and doesn’t need to rebuild the PHP and Apache. For this method required a shell access to the server as the root user via SSH and others.

Follow two simple steps to install ionCube loader

i. You have to Login as root to the console.

ii. For install ionCube loader executes this commands / scripts/phpextensionmgr .

IonCube Loader installing by CLI for EasyApache version:

You have shell access as the root user via SSH or others.

Follow the given steps to install ionCube loader

i. Login as root into the console.

ii. Execute this commands /script/easyapache .

iii. Click the “ previously saved Config ” and then click on “ Start customizing based on profile ”.

iv. Click NEXT STEP below the “ Apache Version ”.

v. Click NEXT STEP below the “ PHP Version ”.

vi. Check the “ IonCube Loader For PHP ” under the “Short Option List” and click on “ Save and Build ” Button.

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