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Interview with Daria Klepikova



We are really happy to have the possibility to host this interview with Daria. Read about her inspiration, her views on photography and why she only shot girls.

You have been a member of the YouPic platform for multiple years, what do you like about it the most?

I’ve been a member of the YouPic platform for a long time, and I am glad that it’s possible to interact with the admin team. Thanks for staying in contact with us and listening to our opinions! I’m also glad that there are so many interactive users on the platform with which you can exchange comments or opinions with at any time. It is also so useful to have such a huge number of photography sections that you can look to for inspiration. YouPic is a great resource for photographers at any level!

Your images are always full of feelings, no matter if it’s a photo on a building or if it’s a portrait. How come you always find it ?

It’s not difficult to find interesting objects to shoot, people and buildings are numerous. it’s not enough just to choose the right moment or just click on the button. If you truly want to create a great photo, t’s not enough to just choose the right moment and click on a button. Photography is primarily anticipation, and only then, an action. For me photography is a repeatable process of harmony and beauty. I think it’s more difficult to correctly convey all the photo’s beauty and sublimity, to make the photo atmospheric, to give the viewer the feel of the current action or emotion, and to show that it is really worthy of attention and admiration.

You take great portraits but the model is always a female, how come?

It’s true, in general my work depicts women.

There is just something about a beautiful woman that makes them more interesting to look at than a man, they carry more of a charm and attractiveness. With the help of these photos, I am able highlight and convey the girl’s character and emotions, not just focusing on her appearance. This is the main reason why I prefer to work with women.

What inspires you when it comes to photography?

Each person I photograph has a unique appearance and character, and I strive to reveal hidden features of their personalities because normally in life they are judged based solely on their looks.

A majority of photographers shoot a family history - birthdays, weddings, holidays. Other nature or sports. And there are those that each image is converted into a work of art, regardless of the topic.

The best way to appreciate a photographer is to look at his work. The photos can tell you everything.

Do you have any photography idols/role models? Why?

The best experience is yours, which you yourself lived through, and the lessons that came with it. You can read a thousand books about photographers and try to imitate someone, but it is much better to just go out and shoot and shoot and shoot!

That being said, of course I personally have a favourite photographer. For me, one of the most iconic would have to be Helmut Newton. “Elsa Peretti” was the first work of his that I saw, and I just fell in love with it. His love of the female body, the composition of his work, and his style cannot be ignored.

Is there any project that you still dream about doing? Why?

The best project that I could dream of would be to work with the famous Swiss photographer, Marco Grob. I really admire his work. His portraits are very striking and extraordinary. To be with him on the same set and to take part in it would be an excellent opportunity to develop oneself as a photographer and as a person.

Which is your personal favourite photo? Why?

I feel that I am only at the beginning of my journey so at the moment I cannot choose my favourite photo, because as I go I see areas where I can improve, so I believe my favourite photo has yet to be taken. While I cannot choose a specific favourite, I do like all of my photos for the fact that I can share them with you!

You write a bit about your development as photographer. Could you elaborate a bit about your development process. Have you had any clear stages in you development process? Are you working on something special at the moment?

To understand the basic fundamentals, I started going to classes. There I learned how to work with studio equipment, with light, we gave a good practice in working with models. Retouching I studied independently, long hours at the computer, watching videos, and constant practice. Now for me while shooting the main task is to communicate with people in a way that they can trust me and feel comfortable in my presence. A good picture is one with which I can convey the true character of a person, not just their looks.

Now I try to actively promote my photos to various thematic exhibitions.

Have any of your images ever been stolen?

Unfortunately several times I have had my photos stolen. I have found them being used by complete strangers, usually in order to participate in various online photo contests. While it is flattering that they are fans of my work, it is never pleasant to find out that your photos are being used without your permission.

Do you take action to protect your images from getting used by others online or do you accept that your photos gets used by others?

I do not take special precautions to protect the photo. I do the maximum amount that I can do by saving the minimum size of the photo for publication. Other than that, some of my published work does have a watermark. If I see that people are giving my work out on their own, but still giving me credit for my work then I do not attempt to delete it.

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