iOS 14: How to limit third-party access to the iPhone’s Photos app

Among the variety of security and privacy enhancements with iOS 14 is improved control for photo permissions. Read along for how to limit third-party access to the iPhone’s Photos app.

With iOS 13 and earlier, when a third-party app asked for permission to access your Photos library, the only options were to deny or allow the request. That meant saying yes gave access to your full Photos library potentially including location and other metadata.

iOS 14 improves that experience by giving users a third option: the ability to allow apps to only access selected images. The process is naturally more time-intensive compared to just allowing access to all photos but is a valuable addition for those who have privacy and security top of mind.

Below we’ll look at how to limit Photos access the first time you open an app in iOS 14 as well as how to edit the selections in the future on a per-app basis

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