Loom: Video Messaging for Work

Sending a Loom is more efficient than typing long emails or spending your day in meetings having conversations that don’t need to happen in real-time.

With Loom, you can capture your screen, voice, and face and instantly share your video in less time than it would take to type an email.

It stands to reason that at Loom, video plays a huge role in the support we provide to our customers.

We make heavy use of video in our customer support workflows, whether we’re explaining complex issues, or walking a customer through some suggested troubleshooting steps.

3 ways video improves customer support

Replying to support inquiries with video messages elevates the customer experience in a personal, scalable way.

  1. Injecting humanity and empathy: Recording your own face and screen humanizes what’s otherwise often a more transactional experience. Your customer will feel more at ease — special, even — when they know they’re being assisted by a real person.

  2. Being understood: Video messages are a great way to walk the recipient through a series of troubleshooting steps or product workflows in a much less daunting way than sending them plain-text instructions. People learn far more quickly and retain much more information when they can hear and see instructions, versus when they only read them.

  3. Filling the gap: Video support hits that sweet spot between phone support (which can be expensive and inefficient) and email support (which can lack personality if not done well).

Examples of video support replies

These video replies were all super quick and easy to record, and saved us and our customers lots of needless back-and-forth!

This user needed to go through a few troubleshooting steps that may not be familiar to the average user. Text instructions would have been daunting, but the video walk-through removes any ambiguity and feels much more approachable.


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