Lumosity games are being moved from Flash to HTML5

Lumosity games are being moved from Flash to HTML5

Adobe is planning to stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020. Currently, most of our website games require Flash in order to play, but the good news is that we’re working on transitioning the majority of our games over to HTML5. In fact, our newer games already use HTML5. Transitioning to HTML5 brings this Flash problem to a permanent end.

For Internet Explorer users, our new HTML5 games don’t run as well on Internet Explorer as Flash games. For best performance we recommend either the Chrome browser, Firefox browser, or the built in browser Edge if you’re on Windows 10.

You may notice some updates to our games. Our HTML5 games have a How to Play and a Mute Sound button on the start screen. The pause button appears in the top-right corner after you start the game rather than at the bottom of the game screen. From the pause menu you can mute the game, restart it, or review the tutorial.

When you start a game, you may notice a message indicating that the game is in the process of updating to HTML5. Your score, LPI, and level progress won’t be saved while we’re making changes to the game because we want to prevent invalid data from being recorded.

You’ll see the tutorial the first time you play the new HTML5 version of each game. Rest assured that your level progress will be retained and you can just tap Skip Tutorial to get straight to the game.


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