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Mailgun is the all-in-one, intelligent email delivery platform trusted by businesses, loved by developers.

Mailgun is how modern companies work with email. The platform’s ease of use, world-class support, and powerful APIs empower smart development teams to reach real customers at scale with a data-driven approach so their organization can grow faster.

Send and track your transactional and marketing messages effortlessly. Prevent fake signups and remove invalid email addresses from your list quickly. Partner with email experts to improve your deliverability and drive higher conversion rates.

Mailgun was founded in 2010 as a response to the lack of developer-friendly, API-based email services. The idea was to make it dead simple for developers to integrate email capabilities into your app. Since then, we’ve stayed laser-focused on deliverability and steered clear of shiny objects that won’t impact your success.

Today, Mailgun helps hundreds of thousands of companies and leading brands around the world send hundreds of billions of emails every year. We’re proud of what we’ve built, and this is only the beginning.


Send an email with a few lines of code

Let’s send your first email. Grab the code below in your preferred language and paste it into your terminal.

  • cURL

  • Python

  • Java

  • Ruby

  • PHP

  • C#

  • Node.js

Fast setup, easy integration

Get up and running today. We have a robust set of APIs and comprehensive documentation so you can spend less time adding email into your app and more time building cool stuff. Here’s what needs to get done:

Activate your account

After you sign up, check your email, click a link, and you’re done.

Set up your domain name

Add a couple DNS records so we know you own the domain you claim to be sending emails from.

Start sending

Deploy the code wherever email fits into your app or plug your SMTP credentials into a tool of your choice.

Full endpoint documentation

Our API reference includes code samples in your favorite language or framework.

Read Our Docs

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