Marine Boat - Shakespeare WiFi-1 WebWhip Wi-Fi Receiver

We get calls from consumers whom buys “peplink” thinking that is a WiFi Receiver, NO it is not.

For you Marine folks whom are looking for an WiFi receiver to pickup Internet Signal as you dock your boat for locations that have WiFi - below is what you need.

Shakespeare WiFi-1 WebWhip Wi-Fi Receiver

WebWhip Wi-Fi Reciver

Stay connected to the world of information where ever you go. Increase the coverage of public hotspots with the WebWhip, our fully integrated Wi-Fi antenna, radio and router, for hassle-free internet reception on your boat, RV, cabin or AnyWhere® else. Access the internet directly through LAN or wirelessly, by connecting WebWhip to any standard Wi-Fi router. Manage the network without any software installation through any device with a web browser. Simple, powerful, AnyWhere.

Range: Up to 7 Miles
Power Supply & Consumption: 12VDC & 120/220VAC, 0.6A at 12VDC
Dimensions: 19.5in x 3.1in x 1.5in (24.13cm x 7.87cm x 3.81cm)
Wireless Approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
Frequency and Wireless Standards: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
28dBm Receiver
Built-in Router
Works with normal Wi-Fi router
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Fully Plug and Play
Web-based device manager
FCC certified radio


Long range WiFi reception on land or water
Connect straight to your computer without separate router
Easy to create local Wi-Fi hotspot with any standard Wi-Fi router
Single wire for power and data. No power consumed from connected device
Simple, intuitive set-up and operation. No software installation required
Manage device easily on any device with an internet browser
Safe and legal

Frequency and Wireless Standards: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
Radio Power: Up to 28dBm
Antenna Gain: 5dB
Range: Up to 7 Miles*
Throughput: 100+ Mbps
Wire: 25ft (7.62m) Ethernet cable
Connectors: N-Female (Antenna), Ethernet (Device)
Power Supply & Consumption: 12VDC & 110/220VAC, 600mA at Max 12VDC
Wireless Approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Dimensions: 19.5in x 3.1in x 1.5in (49.53cm x 7.87cm x 3.81cm)
Kit Weight: 38.8oz (1099.9g)

Shakespeare WiFi-1 WebWhip Wi-Fi Receiver



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