MSIX File will not run in Windows - Here is Why

Q: MSIX File will not run in Windows, how to fix this.

A: See below

Can Windows Run MSIX Files?

Yes, Windows can run MSIX files. MSIX is the next generation packaging format for Windows applications, combining the best features of MSI and AppX formats, making it efficient and secure. To open an MSIX file in Windows 10, you can utilize the Windows App Installer or the Microsoft Store. The Windows App Installer allows you to sideload MSIX packages by simply double-clicking the file and following the installation process. On the other hand, the Microsoft Store provides a convenient way to search and download MSIX files.

However, there are certain requirements and settings that need to be in place for MSIX files to run smoothly. For instance, the “Sideload apps” option needs to be enabled on the target machine from “Settings” → “Update and security” → “For developers”. Additionally, the MSIX Packaging Tool driver is delivered as a Feature on Demand (FOD) package from Windows Update, and it may fail to install if the Windows Update service is disabled on the computer or if Windows Insider flight ring settings do not match the OS build of the computer.

Install Windows APP Installer Here:

Install MSIX Packaging Tool Here:

In some cases, users have reported encountering issues when trying to run MSIX files, such as connection issues, error codes indicating policy-related connectivity issues, and failure to connect to the winget source for external package dependencies. These issues may require troubleshooting to ensure that the necessary environment settings and policies are in place for successful MSIX file execution.

Overall, while Windows can run MSIX files, it’s important to ensure that the necessary settings and dependencies are in place for a smooth installation and execution process.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with a specific aspect of MSIX files, feel free to ask!