My Tribe - What is the meaning?

By: Cassandra Fisher

When I say I have found my tribe what I mean is that I have found a community of people I enjoy sharing Earth with. Really. My tribe is the people I stand next to while I cook, while I work, while I play, while I mourn, while I grow—and who stand next to me.

Life comes at us, one moment after the next, and how we respond defines us. My tribe is made simply of the people who have responded beautifully, as well as they could, as effectively and hilariously and deliciously and disastrously and helpfully as they could. During one of those moments, that person did it right. Not necessarily gracefully or even well, but right. It fit. They made it all work.

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Cassandra Fisher

I am, and frankly always have been, what many would call “sensitive".A few wonderful studies have shown that roughly ⅕ of humans have a heightened sensitivity to stimuli- to light and sound, to color and flavor, to body language and emotions. Though I was raised in a very black-or-white environment I was one of those persistently aware of the grey, and every other color for that matter.Social norms, religious expectations, these always seemed to stand out against the messy truth of reality like discordant notes thrown into an otherwise enthralling melody.

When I discovered that “bohemian" was its own separate thing, that all humans don’t have an innate appreciation for beauty, truth and love, I began to see my place in all this.Not all are given to write or to speak or to paint or to build.Not all are driven to see how it all works and sing about it.I am.

My rural upbringing gave me a deep appreciation for nature and life and the cycles of being alive.My ventures into city living have grown in me a deep abiding love for my fellow humans of every color and shape and background.That love of humanity and the cycles of life are my foundation and my inspiration for writing and creating as one among many. Should my voice express some tiny perspective which unburdens or inspires another, I am fulfilled.

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