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Hi! My name’s Ilia Karepanov. I’m founder & director of MyRussianBox project. MyRussianBox has been created for people all around the world, for everyone who is partial to Russia, its culture, traditions, language, rich history, good people and broad lands. It is for those who once lived in Russia or who live there now. It is for those who have already gone there for work or on vacations or just think and dream of visiting the country. It is for those who are interested in it and want to know it more. It is for those who have only heard of bears, balalaika, a heavy frost, Moscow and Alexander Pushkin. It is for those who want to learn Russia not from watching the leading news on TV, not from the state media, but from the team of common people living thousands of kilometers from the capital of Russia.

You have the opportunity to discover Russia from people who were born and have been living all their lives in this country. You can know Russia from people who love their native land, travel across it, explore and admire it. You get to understand Russia with the help of people who want to share their county’s boundless reaches with the rest of the world, to let see kindness, openness, and generosity of the Russian people, to tell about amazing and ancient customs, traditions, and festivals, and to show all variety of crafts, recipes, household items and appliances. We have all of these for you! We create boxes with the wide Russian soul and send them thousands of miles away to your home.

I’d like to share with you how I came up with the idea of creating MyRussianBox project.

Since childhood, I have been proud of my country. When I was a boy, I knew it was very big, just endless, very diverse both the climate, time zones and the nations living in it. Russia has a very rich, turbulent, and complex history, deep cultural roots, traditions, customs and people like no others. Travelling across Russia and visiting the big cities and small towns and villages, historical complexes and small private museums, learning our ancestors’ life and decoration, I never cease to marvel at the beauty and splendor of Russian Land, the buildings and architectural ensembles that were created many centuries ago and not so long ago. I am always astonished at the generosity of the Russian soul, which, if you look closely, is invisibly present in the whole territory of Russia.

Russia has always evoked emotions, especially among the foreigners. Strong, deep, positive, wary, or emotions beyond definition! Someone admires Russia, someone is suspicious of it, someone wants to explore and visit the country, and someone blames Russia for all the ills in the world! But Russia always causes emotions! And everyone has definitely heard about this 1/9 of the land of the planet.

In this regard, I want to convey to everybody in the world a piece of the Russian soul, a piece of the unknown northern country. Putting all the heat of Russia and our hearts in the subscription boxes, sticking on stamps and sending the boxes straight to your door I want to make the world a little kinder, and people’s relationship to each other a little warmer and friendlier.

With love, your new friends from Russia: Ilia Karepanov, and MyRussianBox Team.

Favorite Crafts of Russia. The Dymkovo Toy

Dear friends! This month you have an opportunity to subscribe to the final special issue within the framework of the MyRussianBox Favorite Crafts of Russia series.
In May, we are introducing the extraordinarily bright, elegant and festive Dymkovo painting. The whole world fell in love with this craft after the grand opening of the Olympics in Sochi, where the traditional Dymkovo patterns were presented.
May box includes
A traditional Dymkovo toy
Exciting informative cards with colorful illustrations about the folk craft
Delicious traditional treats from Russia
Unique things in the Dymkovo style
Awesome fridge magnet
Meet the spiritual world of Russia by opening the national legacy, treasures of the Russian culture - the crafts.
Welcome to the vivid world of the festive Dymkovo Toy!
Build up your own amazing collection of Russian folk handicrafts together with MyRussianBox!

Choose a suitable plan and subscribe to MyRussianBox until April 30. Delivery period - from 8 days. Worldwide!