Nest Door Bell | Google Home Mechanical Door Bell Chime FIX Workaround! (No longer Chime's Read on!)

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We had been working with Google Support for hours - then they sent another chime adapter and still did not work … here is the the fix !!

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If doorbell works without chime connector, and doesn’t when connected, is chime connector needed?

I tested my doorbell voltage using a multimeter prior to installing the Google Nest doorbell. It was 19.3 volts. I have a 2-wire mechanical chime, with wires to Front and Trans. As the wires were the same color I tagged the trans wire with a piece of blue painters tape. I then followed the instructions step by step to install the chime connector and the doorbell. Upon completion, when pressed, the doorbell connects perfectly to our phones (ios) and to our new Google Home Hub but the mechanical chime no longer worked. I meticulously walked through the install again, dismantling everything and reconnecting it but the mechanical chime still didn’t work. I then removed the chime connector and hooked the mechanical doorbell up without the chime connector in the loop. Now when the doorbell is pressed everything works including the mechanical doorbell. Is it possible, I have a faulty chime connector and if so how do I test that? If it is faulty how do I get it replaced? But if everything is working without the chime connector, do I really need it?

***** THE FIX !**
Ted S


For those having an issue with the mechanical/electric chime not sounding, here’s something I stumbled on that got mine working again.

Go into the settings. Go down to the Chime duration setting and turn it on. Try pressing the doorbell. If the chime sounds, continue to trigger the button until you hear the default 1 second delay. It will be a audible hesitation of the second tone of the chime if you have a two tone doorbell. Turn off the electronic chime setting and see if your door chime continues to work afterward.

That’s what I did to get my chime working again. So far, it has continued to work and the indoor chime On/off setting has started to work again too.

Good luck.

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