Oofos makes the most comfortable footwear you've never heard of

Taking the time to properly recover after being physically active is one of the most important aspects of any fitness routine. Fitness goals aren’t just achieved by doing physical activity but also by correctly recuperating after a workout.

The options for post-workout recovery are nearly endless, too, including everything from protein shakes and ice baths to massage guns and a good night’s sleep.

But one of the most overlooked recovery techniques has to do with the kind of footwear you choose to wear between workouts. Not all footwear is designed to provide active recovery benefits, so it’s important to choose wisely. Just like you wouldn’t wear a pair of Vans to run a marathon, you shouldn’t turn to any random pair of foam shoes to help your body recover.

At the forefront of comfortable recovery footwear is a brand named Oofos. With a proprietary foam material called Oofoam, Oofos designs and manufactures active recovery footwear that achieves two basic goals: Its shoes take pressure off a wearer’s joints while supporting the arch and shape of their foot. The company’s footwear aims to lessen tension and help properly align a wearer’s knees, hips, and spine, ultimately reducing foot pain and allowing for natural recovery.

Though that reads like some sort of brand mission you’d find on the Oofos website, it’s far more than just a company shtick to sell shoes. Whether you’re a former professional athlete or someone who just wants to give their tired feet some R&R, Oofos shoes (and the Oofoam in them) truly work.

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