ParagonHost: How do I install cPanel/WHM manually (RamNode)

How do I install cPanel/WHM manually?

You can use the following commands to install cPanel/WHM on CentOS . You should only install cPanel on a fresh installation of CentOS / CloudLinux.

Your server hostname needs to be a fully qualified domain name ( FQDN ) in order for cPanel to install correctly. Other minimimum cPanel requirements are described here . Click here for the most recent cPanel/WHM documentation:


SSH into your server and run these commands as root:

  1. yum install -y perl screen wget
  2. cd /home
  3. curl -o latest -L
  4. screen -R cp sh latest

A full cPanel install may take 30-45 minutes. When it finishes, go to http://<your RamNode IP>/whm to login and configure cPanel/WHM. The username is root and your password is your SSH root password .

If the installation fails and you do not see any errors, run sh latest without screen.

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