Photography Life


Photography Life is represented by a dedicated and talented team of individuals with professional working experience in photography. The core team consists of the founder of Photography Life, Nasim Mansurov, and Editor in Chief, Spencer Cox.

Nasim Mansurov

Nasim Mansurov is the founder of Photography Life. While he spent the majority of his adult life pursuing technology, he discovered photography as his true passion after the birth of his first child. Not happy with pictures from a point and shoot camera, Nasim decided to purchase a Nikon DSLR to preserve memories of his family and that’s what started his journey into the world of digital photography. Today, Nasim is recognized as one of the leading educators in photography, conducting workshops, producing educational videos, and writing content for Photography Life. Nasim is married to Lola, his partner in life and the photography world. When not doing photography, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading books and kicking paddles (being a black belt in Taekwondo). Nasim is on Instagram, 500px and Facebook.

Spencer Cox

Spencer Cox is the Editor in Chief of Photography Life. His macro photography has been shown in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for the “Nature’s Best Photography” exhibition, and four of his landscape photographs were showcased in London, Malta, and Beijing after winning awards in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition. Spencer has given numerous talks on photography, written for magazines such as Digital Photographer and Progresso Fotografico, and been interviewed for Smithsonian Earth TV. In his free time, you’ll find him hiking with a large format film camera and developing prints in his makeshift darkroom. You can view more of Spencer’s work on his website or follow him on Instagram.


Libor Vaicenbacher is a full-time writer at Photography Life. He has also worked as a biology teacher, guide, photographer and photography course lecturer. His passion is birds. As an ornithologist, Libor has studied the avian diversity of the South American Andes. He fell in love with this part of the world, and since then, he likes to return with his camera to popularize South American nature with his photographs, talks, and articles. You can see more of Libor’s work on his Instagram page.


Jason Polak is a bird and wildlife photographer from Ottawa, Canada. He has been interested in photography ever since he received a disposable film camera as a small child. His career as a mathematician led him to move to Australia in 2016, where he started seeing colorful parrots. A few casual shots with a lens completely unsuitable for birds got him hooked, and now wildlife photography is his biggest passion. Jason loves to show the beauty of animals to the world through photography, and one of his lifelong goals is to photograph five thousand species of birds. You can see more of Jason’s work on his website or on his YouTube channel.


Nicholas Hess is a wildlife photographer with a fascination for reptiles, amphibians, and the underwater world. His favorite animals are those that are misunderstood, such as sharks and snakes. He is majoring in marine biology and minoring in journalism and Spanish, and hopes to pursue a career in wildlife photography and conservation. You can check out his website if interested in prints, and you can find his latest photographs on Flickr and Instagram.