Prevent Spam Tickets Getting Created in Kayako


If you are getting the spam tickets in your Kayako, you can prevent them from being created in your Kayako using different options explained below.

  1. Block-list the domain of spam tickets’ sender
  2. Changing the Spam Filter aggressiveness settings
  3. Hide the Start a conversation’ link for guest (non logged-in users)
  4. Use custom triggers

This article will guide you on how to setup these options in your Kayako.

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This article shares information for preventing users who are not logged in from starting conversations in the New Kayako .


  • You can prevent users not logged in from starting any conversations by tweaking the templates that control the appearance of your Help Center .

  • Follow these steps to swap in a new line of code to hide the ’ Start conversation ’ link for any users that are not logged in:

    1. Sign in to Kayako and go to the Help Center .
    2. Click the Customize button on the upper toolbar.
    3. On the customization pane, click the Customize templates heading.
    4. From the Templates dropdown, select the template you’d like to edit.
      1. Once you have selected a template, make your changes to the code.
    5. In the ’ Header ’ template, find the following line of code:

{{ phrase(‘’) }}

6. Replace the line from step 5 with:

{%if current_user is defined %}
{{ phrase(‘’) }}

7. Click  **Save** .
  2. If you need to restore the original template, click the  **Revert to default**  button.