Psor-Val Testimonial - Zinc Spray for Psoriasis

So, this is not my usual content, but somebody commented that I have nice skin and I wanted to talk about this product that changed my life because I have severe eczema.

I’ve had it since I was a little kid. It covers me head to toe when it’s bad, including all over my face, it’s really painful, really itchy, and really does a number on your self-esteem.

I have been on oral steroids. I have been on the strongest possible prescription creams. Nothing has ever kept it totally under control. And then I found this, this is called soar, Val, it’s a spray Psor-Val you can find this on, ETSY, eBay, and Amazon.

This bottle runs about $60, but it lasts about three to four months. I use this twice a day when my eczema flares up and it clears me up super fast.

And then I stay clear for weeks at a time, which no other medication has ever done. I was, I used bed methadone for years and years, and the second I stopped using it, my eczema came back and full force. It’s also supposed to be effective for psoriasis, although I can’t speak to that personally, but it changed my life and gave me my skin back.

*** Click below to see the LIVE Video Testimonial from a “non paid” client, for which created this video on her own after using the product over the past couple of years.

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