Registering a Business in Australia without an ABN: Is it Possible?

Since you landed on this page, I’m assuming you have sound knowledge about ABN .

And for some reason, you don’t want to register your business with an ABN ( Australian Business Name )

But that’s not the point here.

You want to just know if it can be done or not?

Deal close, right?

If you are looking for a magic answer, it’s going to disappoint you.

Because it’s not possible to register any typical business without an ABN.

It’s free to register for ABN & you don’t need to pay extra taxes to have it. And, it’s a matter of going through few paper works. ABN is one way to understand the owner running the business. It is the process that Australian Government implies to identify the business for GST & tax purposes. However, if your business goes to insolvency, you won’t be required to have costs for having an ABN.

If it was before 28th May 2012, you could have got away without registering to an Australian Business Name. However, things have changed and everything is done on the national level. Even the old business that ran without it has to eventually register for the name.

Unless you are working on a hobby, or a freelance service, you must have an ABN to run a business under a name.

Now, coming down to the core of everything.

How would you register your business name?

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