Restore bakcups directly from whm / cPremote

Restore bakcups directly from whm

The following options are available with cPVault backup restore,

  1. A full account from daily , weekly, monthly and 7 days backups

  2. Restore email fodler , home fodler , document root , individual files and fodlers, individual databases

  3. cPanel end user interface for restoring backups

  4. /scripts/cpremoterestore feature rich command line utility

Restore Backups from Plugin Page

You may need to goo WHM → Plugins → cPanel Remote Backups → Restore A backup , then select the cpanel accounts and backup option for restore.

Restore Backups from server shell

If you need to restore a cPanel account say CPUSER from the backups see , the example commands below,

Restore email folder of cpanel user CPUSER from the daily backups

/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=daily --type=mail

Restore Document root from weekly backup for CPUSER

/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=weekly --type=www

Restore the complete home folder of CPUSER from monthly backup

/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=monthly --type=homefolder

Restore a full account from daily backup

/scripts/cpremoterestore --user=CPUSER --from=daily --type=full