Ruckus: How do I segregate traffic between two SSIDs using VLANs?


VLAN configuration for Guest Network


How do I segregate traffic between two SSIDs using VLANs?

Customer Environment

Corporate SSID - VLAN 1 (Native untagged VLAN) Guest SSID - VLAN 20

Troubleshooting Steps

User configured two SSID’s, one is for corporate network and the second is for guest network and they would like to know how to segregate the traffic between them by using VLANs.


Customers Scenario :

Corporate SSID - VLAN 1 (Native untagged VLAN)

Guest SSID - VLAN 20

Guest Access configuration can be done only on ZD managed AP. Network segmentation can be achieved by configuring the guest network in a separate VLAN along with a DHCP server configured for this IP address subnet pool.

This configuration can be implemented in the following way:

  1. First create a separate VLAN for this guest network(eg. VLAN id 20). Make sure that an external DHCP server has been configured for this IP address pool in this VLAN subnet.

  2. The corporate network can be available on native VLAN

  3. Zonedirector switch port should be configured in the native VLAN, and Access Point ports should be configured as trunk port (with both native and VLAN 20) in the Managed switch.

  4. Assign VLAN tag to the guest SSID at Configure-> WLANs Create New/Edit under advance option Enable “Attach VLAN Tag” and enter the Vlan ID.

Now the guest users who connect to the guest network will receive IP addresses in VLAN 20. By default, guest users will be restricted from accessing the internal network (only DHCP/ARP/DNS) until passing the WLAN specified authentication method (guest pass, terms and conditions only, no authentication) before accessing the network (and Internet if routed).

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