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I have a remote location (3 ZF7962 AP’s) that have been up and functioning for over 3 years that are not controlled. All configuration is done via each AP’s web interface, with all static settings, channels, IP, SSID with PSK. It’s been solid. I live in the US, these devices are in the UK and I never have to remote into them.

I do own Flexmaster but have not used it since they are so solid.

These AP’s are supporting a few laptops and about 4 wireless scanners.

3 years ago

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Traditionally, the way you would do this is via the “standalone AP firmware”. We had a discussion about this not too long ago:

Since then, a few things have changed: The ZD1106 is end-of-life, so you should look at ZD1200 (ZD1205) if you would like to consider the controller route.

But more excitingly, Ruckus Unleashed is a new offering that’s controller less yet centralized – similar to some of the other solutions on the market, your AP’s will vote and decide on one to assume a controller role. The “downside” to Unleashed for now is that it’s still not 100% feature parity with either standalone or ZD, as the UI is focused on core functionality and the CLI seems to only support monitoring, and not access to the more advanced configuration options found in standalone and ZD CLI.

You mentioned Flexmaster – what centralized/reporting features were you requiring, in particular? That might help decide which of the 3 is the most appropriate option for you.

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