Site Redirection from www to root with Chrome Security Warnings 11/2022

With Chrome and Chromium tightening up default security, the days of a website owner that wants to use 301 Redirection (at the domain DNS zone level) or by way of .htaccess to support www to the secure HTTPS root of their site are over. Firefox’s default security seems to allow it.

With Chrome and Chromium default security left enabled as is users may route to your 301 redirected site

SSL/TLS Certificates Recap

SSL certificates are an important security measure for websites. With an SSL certificate, domains can encrypt web traffic with SSL/TLS protocols for enhanced protection. While SSL is still used by some websites, the preferred and most secure protocol for internet communications is TLS. The bottom line is that certificates not only protect users from suspicious websites, but also help businesses maintain trust in their brand.

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