Sophos Home: Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Threat Protection

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Threat Protection

The threat landscape continues to change daily with cybercriminals constantly trying to perfect the art of breaching our computers and stealing our personal data. Traditional antivirus – which relies heavily on writing and distributing new signatures to block known threats – is no longer enough with over 400,000 new malware variants being discovered every day. It can take hours or days to get new patches out, leaving users vulnerable for a time.

Sophos Home Premium goes far beyond traditional antivirus with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time behavioral detection. AI can constantly learn and self-improve, allowing it to adapt to changes in the environment, making it more robust than antivirus programs that are built for an unchanging world. At Sophos, we’ve applied this AI technology to Sophos Home Premium to discover and attack constantly changing malware that is released every day. This powerful AI evaluates files before they even run and prevents brand new, never-before-seen, “zero-day” attacks. On top of that, our real-time behavioral detection analyzes the behavior of programs and files, looking for any malicious or damaging actions, rather than relying on signatures. That means if a new virus is released, our AI and real-time protection can block it without waiting to get a new patch from a security lab or Microsoft.

Web Protection

Online banking, shopping, and general browsing are so convenient, but they also leave you vulnerable to sophisticated internet threats, such as keyloggers, phishing scams, and bad or compromised websites. Sophos Home delivers robust web protection, simultaneously protecting you from known malicious content while also stopping new threats as you browse, bank, and shop online.

Sophos Home Premium protects you against risks like:

  • Phishing sites—Spoofed websites carefully crafted to look like the real thing, tricking users into giving up their credentials. Sophos Home utilizes a global database of sites to stop users from going to known phishing sites
  • Infected sites—Legitimate pages unwittingly infected with malware, allowing hackers to steal your personal information. Sophos Home scans the code of the websites you access. If malicious code is discovered on the site, you are notified and prevented from going to the site until it’s deemed safe.
  • Undesirable sites—for example, extreme violence, racist rhetoric, and pornography that children can stumble upon. Sophos Home offers 25-plus site category filters, allowing parents to block groups of sites that they deem unwelcome. Parents will also be notified if a child attempts to bypass the filter.
  • Keyloggers—hidden programs that record everything you type in, including passwords, credit cards, and personal information. Sophos Home Premium encrypts your keystrokes so that keyloggers only get jumbled and useless letters.
  • Browser exploits—infections on the browser that have access to all your traffic. Sophos Home Premium adds additional layers of security around common browsers, such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, preventing them from being exploited and turned against the user.

Anti-Exploit Protection

Common computer programs, such as Adobe Acrobat and web browsers, are often an easy backdoor for malware to access a computer and any data on it. These programs are particularly vulnerable to zero-day exploits, which is industry jargon for threats that have yet to be discovered and do not have a patch or signature written and distributed for it. Sophos Home Premium secures these programs with real-time exploit prevention, which monitors the programs for abnormal behavior, stopping attackers in their tracks. Sophos Home Premium also replaces infected Windows resources with safe, original versions.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is designed to block access to your files and possibly your entire computer system until a sum of money is paid. These threats can slip by traditional web filters and antivirus defenses, encrypt your personal documents and photos, and then demand you pay a ransom in bitcoins for the decryption key. One of the fastest growing forms of cybercrime, ransomware has become so lucrative that some criminal organizations have begun to distribute ransomware tool-kits to assist small-time hackers in building their own ransomware. Sophos Home watches for ransomware and ransomware-style behavior, allowing it to catch brand new variants that basic security software can’t recognize. If malicious encryption is seen, Sophos Home stops the process. It then rolls back any changes made by the ransomware by replacing the encrypted files with saved backups, and then removes the ransomware. All of these processes occur without any required user intervention

Privacy Protection

Did you know that cybercriminals can use your webcam to secretly spy on you? Scary, right? Sophos Home Premium stops these attacks in their tracks by alerting you whenever an application or process attempts to access your webcam. Unknown or unwanted applications can be blocked, and those you trust can be allowed to run.

Secure Online Banking

The vast majority of banking transactions occur online these days. Therefore, it’s imperative to protect your banking and credit card information from being intercepted by third parties and keylogger software. Sophos Home Premium puts additional anti-hacking/exploit protections around web browsers—such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer—in addition to encrypting your keystrokes to prevent the interception of your credit card numbers, passwords, and other login credentials. These advanced technologies have earned Sophos the MRG Effitas certification for secure online banking.

Remote Management

Remotely operating your home thermostat, door locks, or even lights has become more commonplace, but this ability is still lacking when it comes to computer security. Keeping track of the security on all the computers you’re trying to keep protected is still one of the chief complications. You might live in Japan, but your in-laws—and their computers—are in Canada. That distance makes it much harder to implement security and check up on it.

This is where remote management with Sophos Home comes in. You can add additional computers to your account by emailing remote users download links from your Sophos Home account. The remote user clicks the link and installs the software, simply and easily, or you can do it in person. After installation, these computers are protected and the users don’t have to do anything. You, as the main account holder, will be notified of any issues that need your attention. If action is needed, you can perform scans, do cleanups, change settings, set exceptions, and more by logging in to your Sophos Home Dashboard. No need to be there in person.

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