SwigStick - Personal Metal Straws

Imagine, you’re a surveyor in Northern Alaska. It’s mid-January. You’ve lost your way, all communication with your team has vanished, and your supplies are running thin. You are also severely dehydrated, which is greatly inhibiting your ability to, well, survive.

You have been unable to find liquid freshwater, and you begin to hear the distant swings of the Reaper’s sythe. You suspect there is shallow groundwater beneath the permafrost, but at this point, your hands are about as nimble as a pair of frozen potatoes.

You sigh in agony. A tear dribbles down your face before freezing on your cheek.

Suddenly, it comes to you: “My Swigstick Stainless Steel Straw in a Red Carrying Case!” You grapple at your supply bag, unscrew the red cap, extend the straw, and—with great effort—force it through the permafrost.

You sip all the water you can sip, giving you enough strength to fire your flare. Your team sees the signal and saves your life.

One extendable stainless steel straw and extendable  cleaning brush in a lightweight, aluminum carrying case
Straws are 9.5 inches long and 0.24 inches in diameter, perfect for drinking water, juice, and tea
Appropriate for 20 oz drinkware
304 food safe stainless steel
Dishwasher safe

Choosing SwigStick eco-friendly straws is one step towards helping the environment. Reduce your plastic footprint with style!

Many believe we are living in the Plastic Age. And there is no doubt this synthetic polymer called plastic has made our lives generally safer and easier. Yet out of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year, half is designed for a single use. These single use plastics include bags, food packaging, water and soda bottles, coffee stirrers, and more, including plastic straws.

In the United States alone we use approximately 500 million straws daily. Many end up in our oceans and some studies have found a link between plastic pollution in oceans and increased ocean acidification. Increased ocean acidification creates warmer water, hurting our marine life and ultimately hurting humans.

And there’s the more obvious problem with fish and turtles ingesting or getting tangled in plastic.

I have three grown children and over the years I’ve learned a lot about life from hearing their stance. They are worried about some big issues, but climate change and sustainability seem to be the most pressing from their perspectives, and from mine.

SwigStick is a women-owned small business aiming to make a positive difference by making waves. We provide alternatives to disposable plastic, starting with disposable straws.

We’re all in this together. Let’s start somewhere. Please stop using disposable plastic straws today!

What should I do when the straws arrive?

Please inspect the straws before you use them to make sure they are satisfactory.

Before using the straws for the first time, please clean thoroughly with the special cleaning brush, along with mild dish soap and warm water.

How do I know the straws are safe for drinking?

All Stainless Steel straws are high quality 18/8 stainless steel and FDA approved.

The Bamboo straws contain no inks or dyes.

The Glass straws are made of Borosilicate Glass so it is shatter proof. The glass straws are FDA approved.

How do I clean the straws?

The Stainless Steel and Glass straws are dishwasher safe. The special scrub brush with nylon bristles is the perfect size for cleaning the inside of the straw.

The Bamboo straws are smooth inside to prevent mildew growth. Simply hand rinse with water and mild soap. Scrub the inside with a straw brush and allow to air dry.

Can children use the straws?

Please do not permit young children to handle the straws without supervision.

What is your return policy?

We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back. We back up our straws so if you are not satisfied please contact us and we will send a replacement or refund your money. We are just a click away so feel confident in purchasing today. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’!

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