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Palmaz Vineyards, two hours north of Silicon Valley, relies on an arsenal of tech goodies to get the best possible vintages.

The Family & Team

The Palmaz family, along with their winery and vineyard teams, spends every day
thinking about how to blend technology and tradition to create superior wine.

The Family

Two generations of the Palmaz family have sought to bring innovation and invention to the ancient art of making wine. Their background in the sciences, passion for living life to the fullest and years of backbreaking work have resulted in a unique winery situated inside an 18-story cave that combines cutting-edge technology with a respect for winemaking tradition.

Julio Palmaz

Julio Palmaz

Co-founder and Co-Chairman Dr. Julio Palmaz is the winery’s visionary and guiding light.

Ameila Palmaz

Amalia Palmaz

Co-founder and Co-Chairman Amalia Palmaz is always on hand to offer her astute business acumen as the winery’s chief strategist.

Christian Gaston Palmaz

Christian Palmaz

CEO of Palmaz Vineyards, Christian is in charge for all winery and vineyard operations.

Florencia Palmaz

Florencia Palmaz

As co-founder/partner at Palmaz Vineyards and President of the family’s other primary business, GoodHeart Brand Specialty Foods Co., Florencia is an executive on the go.

Jessica Louise Palmaz

Jessica Palmaz

As President, Jessica is responsible for day-to-day management of Palmaz Vineyards and customer experience.

The Vineyard Team

Producing great wine begins with the vineyard, and tending to the vines at Palmaz is done with a full-time vineyard team. Few winery estates still host their own full-time crew, but at Palmaz the intricate work of tending to the various vineyard parcels and their diverse terrain is done with a team of 13 professionals. Lead by vineyard manager José Palafox and renowned consultant and viticulturist Mike Wolf, the vineyard team is a tight-knit group of passionate farmers dedicated to the craft of growing exceptional wines.

The Winemaking Team

We have always believed in natural winemaking methods. That’s why our winery was designed as a gravity-flow facility. The gentle handling throughout the vinification process lets our winemaking team – Tina Mitchell and consultant, Mia Klein create wines that are supple, balanced and true to our unique terroir.

Tina Mitchell

Tina Mitchell

As Winemaker at Palmaz Vineyards, Tina helps shape and craft the family’s vision for creating a dynamic signature house style, from estate grape to bottle.

Mia Klein

Mia Klein

Consulting Winemaker Mia Klein contributes both practical and academic winemaking wisdom to further refine Palmaz Vineyards’ wines.

Doug Mitchell

Doug Mitchell

Assistant Winemaker Doug Mitchell is integral part of the winemaking team helping to expand Palmaz Vineyards’ cellar offerings.

Estate Ambassadors

When you visit the Palmaz winery, your guide will likely be one of our knowledgeable and hospitable Estate Ambassadors — although time and season permitting, family members still conduct tours. You’ll certainly see the family on the property regularly.

Our Ambassador Corps includes Adrian, David, Jordan, Trey, and Eduardo, all of whom are well versed in viticulture and winemaking (both the Palmaz gravity-flow method and more traditional techniques), ensuring that your private tour and tasting are an intimate, in-depth experience. Our comprehensive tours follow the lifecycle of our estate-grown grapes from our vineyards, through all the descending levels of our winery and cellars, to the bottled vintage wines you will enjoy with perfectly paired hors d’oeuvres from the winery’s kitchen and gardens.

Our Estate Ambassadors offer tours in English and Spanish.

From left to right: Adrian Gutierrez, David Meneses, Jordan Gianelli, Trey Boles, Eduardo Gutierrez

Love the land, know the grape, and make a wine that honors both.



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